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The Queen of Shards, Map of Amenti
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The first instalment in The Chronicles of Lilith series.

Dark Fantasy | Sci-Fi| Metaphysical

Zain is last of the Vampires; the Death of the Undeath. Now, he’s finally decided to die.

After 700 years, all his efforts and sacrifices meant nothing. He’s killed his kind to save the world from their hunger for blood, but all he’s been left with is the unquenched thirst of everlasting guilt and solitude.

The only one who could save him is Lilith, the first other immortal he’s seen in centuries. Yet a dark omen follows in her wake. The Shard she stole hides dark secrets in its reflection that even Zain won’t dare look at. Yet she stares, ceaselessly, into the void that it harbours.

Now, Zain stands at the edge of a precipice as he desperately clings to his false reality whilst Lilith draws him closer to embrace the hard truths of the darkness within him. As Lilith slowly loses herself to the secrets of the Shard and its power, will Zain also suffer the same fate by following her?

All he knows is that he can’t give up, not when he’s this close to finding purpose once more in this pointless existence.

Queen of Shards Ebook
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What's it all about?

The Chronicles of Lilith series is a Dark Fantasy,  Sci-Fi, Metaphysical series that explores many deep existential themes and ideas as well as the nature of reality.

Readers who embark on this long journey will travel across realities following a host of complex c
haracters as both endure a riveting, heart-wrenching adventure about finding hope, love, courage and beauty whilst facing the struggles of life, death, suffering and the true face of nihilism. 


READER WARNING: This book contains themes and graphic situations of violence, sexual abuse, sexual encounters, suicide & adult language.

Mountain Range

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The Chronicles of Lilith - Book 1

Available in Paperback, Hardback and E-book
Queen of Shards Ebook
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