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The Chronicles of Lilith - Book II

Dark Fantasy | Sci-Fi| Metaphysical

The Battle of Blood is over, but the true war is about to begin.

Pïshkah’s visions herald a far greater darkness beyond the Carthosian war. A battle between Greater Immortals. One that seeks to devour the very mind, heart and soul of the world. One that comes at the hands of Lilith, the Queen of Shards.

Lilith has set her sights on the Hall of Mirrors, the one place she can truly unlock the truth held within her Shard, and nothing is going to stop her from getting her answers, not the power-hungry Saints, not the threat of the Carthosian war or the Wardens who wish to harm her.

Zain reluctantly aids Lilith as her unsettling determination to reach the Hall inevitably draws them into the darkness within Mount Ussar Varys. Yet he is still intent on rescuing Adara and those he loves from the war.

Zain is now faced with an agonizing decision: follow the woman he so desperately fought for down an even darker path and turn his back on the world, or turn his back on her when she needs him the most.

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What's it all about?

The Chronicles of Lilith series is a Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Metaphysical series that explores many deep existential themes and ideas as well as the nature of reality. 

Readers who embark on this long journey will travel across realities following a host of complex characters as both endure a riveting, heart-w
renching adventure about finding hope, love, courage and beauty whilst facing the struggles of life, death, suffering and the true face of nihilism. 


READER WARNING: This book contains themes and graphic situations of violence, sexual abuse, sexual encounters, suicide & adult language.


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The Chronicles of Lilith - Book 2

Available at
Queen of Shards Ebook
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