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In 2018 Jens decided to leave his legal career to pursue his own journey. From start-ups to design to crypto and writing, Jens has a wide range of experience and interests making him a nomadic wanderer in a sea of infinite experiences.

Jens' love of writing and telling stories began at a tender age but was always put on the backburner. This was until November 2019 when Jens finally decided to embark on the dream of writing and completing the Chronicles of Lilith series.

The Chronicles of Lilith's inception began around 15 years ago. Many books were started and never finished, largely due to time and commitment issues apart from lack of experience. However, this long road brought him back to the writers desk with the commitment and resolve to see this through, whatever it takes.

Jens Buedinger Author

Jens currently resides in Malta, a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean. He spends his free time gaming, belting it out, scraping guitar and cuddling his cats.

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