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The Darkness Within (Book 2 of the Chronicles of Lilith) will be published on the 30th June 2023. Subscribe for regular updates on the release date and other news. Get your Pre-Order discount copy today here.

Sadly, due to time commitments I am not actively open to providing such services.

Can I take part in the Beta-Review Process?

Yes! All you need to do is fill out this application.  That being said, registering for beta-reading is not an automatic guarantee to be chosen since the position for Beta-Readers is limited to a small group of people at each round of review. 

How can we reach you for professional/press inquiries?

Drop me a line on the Contact Page.

Do you have a Patreon Account? How can we support you?

Awuhh! Thanks! I currently do not have a Patreon Account but will be creating one in due course. The best way to support me right now is to follow my social media channels and subscribe to my mailing list. That way I'll be able to grow my platform faster and accelerate the process of delivering more and better content to you all. Other than that feel free to reach out, I might not always be able to respond but your words of encouragement are often more than enough to get me through the day. :)

How did you become a Writer?

Always was a "writer", but the decision to become an author was taken 15 years ago and is being actioned now. I've always been adept to writing my whole life and that is probably why I fitted well within the legal industry - given that it is a trade of words. However, becoming a writer entails a lot of sacrifice, courage, grit and a tolerance to risk. Yet most of all, for me, it is about telling my stories to the world.

From where do you draw inspiration?

As an avid reader of non-fiction, I draw a lot of inspiration from history, philosophy, psychology, law and economics. However, from a more personal source, it is largely music, my divine inspiration and raw emotion.

What did you study?

My main career path was that of a Lawyer. I studied for around 8 years and worked for another 8 before changing path. I have a Doctor of Laws Degree (Melit.) and a Masters Degree in International Banking and Finance (UCL Lond.). I also studied a variety of courses in User Experience Design and carry a UX Certification from Neilsen Norman Group.

How did you learn how to write?

Mostly through my career as a lawyer my ability to write clinically and properly was paramount. However, there is much more to the craft of writing fiction. Ultimately, writing per se improves with practice and reading well written pieces. The art of story building is the real challenge. Mostly I'd say its through the help of other youtubers and peoples reviews and attitudes towards writing that really showed me what works and what doesn't.

What's your dream or vision for the Chronicles of Lilith?

Like most authors I hope to see it rise to success but on a more personal basis I would love to see it come to life in a TV Series or a Game, like The Witcher. That would be awesome!

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