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The Chronicles of Lilith, Map of Amenti


Once an ancient mystical world, Amenti was the home to the great Eldar of Ciedien.

Yet only echoes of their civilization now remain, buried deep within the very roots of the world's culture, bloodlines and beliefs.

From the Deserts of Carthosia, to the White Tower of Ussar Varys and the Eternal City of Dos Narak; Amentis is a land that has seen itself torn asunder and reborn, time and time again.

From the Great Eldar Schisms, to the Immortal Wars ​and the Age of Conquerors. Amentis' history is written in blood and its spirit seared into the hearts of its peoples.

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Children of the Morning, Children of Light. The Eldarï were the first inhabitants of Amenti. Born of the Mother of Light, they lived eternally under the bliss of her presence in the cradle of the World. 

Yet in time they grew curious and sought to wonder the world. They soon grew separate from the Mother and her light and bred amongst themselves. As they departed, they too eventually learnt the cold grasp of death.


The cursed ones, the dark ones... The Undeath. Long after the Mother had withered, the once virtuous Eldarï of the Eternal City sought to defy death by seeking eternal life in the blood of men. 

Yet their love of sanguimancy consumed them till they knew nothing but death for as long as they lived. A proud race of healers and benefactors, reduced to ashes and aberrations, finally slain once and for all at the end of the Immortal Wars - save for one.


Unwanted and unclaimed by both men and Eldain. The Eldassari are the bastards of Amentis. More human than Eldarï, more tainted with the stench of mortality. The issue of illegitimate loves between men and Eldain. Not fit for even the lowest castes of Eldain, or the courts of men.

Yet the rugged and brazen cousins of the Eldain remain the rovers of plains of Raem and the defenders of the land from the Draeshi. Sworn to protect the world from the darkness within.

Children of Iron. Descendants of the great Eldarï. Bearing the scorn of betrayal for capturing the

Mother's essence and the first to ever draw blood with weapons of iron and steel. Now eternally bound to the underdark. Never to leave should they never wish to know the meaning of death.  

The Drae'shï now bare the mark of their betrayal. The darkness they embraced now cast onto their very flesh and in the depth of their eyes. Buried underground and encased in metal. 


The proud and beautiful Eldain of Cielith, ever devoted to their Eldarï lineage as much as to their longevity. Long after the Eldarï races departed from the continent the children they bore with men sough to keep their Eldarï blood and the years that came with it.

Shunning all those outside their bloodlines, never to taint themselves with the mortality of other men. Yet in time all blood grows thin and so were their life times. Till none would live past 150 years.


Some say they all trace their lineage to the Mother like all living things. Others say they are the barbarians that were brought to the light of civilization by the grace of the Eldarï. Yet none are certain.

What is certain is that long after the Age of the Eldarï came the Age of Men. An age of wonderous expansion and bloody conflict. An age of princes and paupers. An age of virtue and vice. 

Map of Amenti, The Chronicles of Lilith
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The Chronicles of Lilith - Book I

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